— AB


Miss Sherry Ivey Jones has been such a pleasure to work with. I had contacted multiple lawyers and explained my situation (violation of probation) and each one, except for Miss Jones, wanted me to come in person during office hours before giving me any quotes or advice. Miss Jones always got back to me in a timely manner and was very patient and willing to work with my hectic schedule. Throughout probation, I’ve been talked down to and treated like a criminal but Miss Jones was a breath of fresh air and treated me with respect and showed kindness and empathy.

I was planning on moving across country but my violation of probation was going to put me back in jail and prevent any moving. Not only did Miss Jones keep me out of jail but she made sure I’d still be able to move and she even went above and beyond and got me off of probation early (and I didn’t even ask her to do that)! I am 100% satisfied and pleased with her work and I highly recommend her as a lawyer.