— CR


Sherry Jones was very knowledgeable and handled my son’s misdemeanor battery case with confidence and expertise. In addition to the alleged victim’s statements, the police had a video of my son admitting to forcing her out of his car. The video also showed my son sitting on top of the alleged victim (and not allowing her to move) as the police vehicle pulled up to the scene.

Although the alleged victim was a female, Ms. Jones listened to our statements and immediately understood that my son was actually the victim in this case. She clearly explained what the prosecution would have to prove and that my son’s defense would be self-defense and preventing further property damage (the alleged victim had punched my son in the face, and had also smeared lipstick all over the seats of his new car).

Ms. Jones gave us a list of what evidence we would need to provide, and also suggested some witnesses we might wish to have testify. She also patiently listened to all of my “Law and Order” legal mumbo-jumbo and judiciously advised us on what evidence was relevant and what was not (which ultimately saved me a lot of time and money on subpoenas, etc).

My son was offered a plea bargain up-front, but Ms. Jones advised us to decline this initial offer, since she was sure that we would either get a better offer or win the case at trial. Judging by the discovery evidence that was exchanged between our lawyer and the prosecutor, it became increasingly obvious that Ms. Jones was compiling a much stronger case than the prosecution had.

Ms. Jones held several private conferences with the prosecutor, insisting that he drop the case. She explained our defense strategy, and gave examples of the many discrepancies in the alleged victim’s statements. However, on the weekend prior to jury selection, the prosecution offered a very tempting plea bargain offer. We knew my son was innocent, but we still wanted to avoid jail time.

Ms. Jones was very confident that she had prepared a winning case, so we declined the offer, or as the prosecutor later stated, we “called his bluff.” Finally, on the day of jury selection, the prosecutor decided not to prosecute, and the case was dismissed. Bravo and many thanks to Sherry Jones!